From:  eric (ERICCLOUGH)
Hi all ...

I have been using a mouse for years and years ... mostly 2d drawing of architectural plans ... with occasional 3d models when the client could not visualize.

In recent history I have been doing 3d models for every project ... from very simple box like models to some pretty complex ones ... Using Rhino for both 3d and technical drawing (now and then forced to go back to AutoCad for some clients needs). I have tried SketchUp and for some obscure reason it never felt comfortable to me (though it is quick and easy for some things).

Then I discovered MoI and the 3d world is easier so I will be working there more often. MoI 'feels' right to me.

But I know it is more or less enhanced for tablet work and I can't help but ask the question ... "Should I be using a Tablet?" ... and I guess Wacom is the most practical for many applications.

Can those of you who use tablets give me some advice ... some words of wisdom from your experience. It would be most helpful ... I am hunkering in to a book on small houses which means a few months of intensive work and I want to use my time as well as possible.