question about networks

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Paul,

> However, this could well be fixed up if we had surface matching
> in time eh ?

In several cases that would definitely help, but it isn't really a "silver bullet" solution - that tool basically does not do a full redistribution of curvature throughout the entire surface, it only tweaks the end of the surface.

If the surface you want to change is not shaped well already, you tend to end up with something that is technically smooth with the other right where they meet, but that still has stuff like bulges and bunched up curvature near the end.

Even when such a tool is available in the future, I would still at that time probably recommend the exact same procedure as now - that is to try and build something that should look like one smooth unbroken sheet to be one larger surface rather than a patchwork of many small surfaces.

A patchwork type approach can tend to work better with a subd / t-splines type mechanism where there is a kind of "always on" smoothing happening between connected polygons.

- Michael