FBX export script...

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Phr0stByte,

Although FBX contains a mechanism for holding NURBS surfaces, as far as I know it tends to be a much less utilized method. That makes me have a pretty low amount of confidence that it is going to work really well or really be better than a regular NURBS format.

> and the other options just seem to produce a model that
> is quite high (unnecessarily so) in poly count.

A NURBS surface will have the same data in it between all these different formats, so there shouldn't be a good reason why a surface should get a different polygon count using one NURBS format rather than another NURBS format.

That is something that probably should be fixed up in Maya to work better.

MoI does already export NURBS to 4 different formats: 3DM, IGES, STEP, and SAT. All of these are pretty industry standard formats for CAD applications. I understand that Maya does not have a good IGES reader, but really that is up to Autodesk to fix that up so that it works better instead of having a buggy one for so long.

- Michael