Feature request - shading of imported poly objests

 From:  Michael Gibson
2265.2 In reply to 2265.1 
Hi Jumbo - actually MoI does not currently import polygon objects at all.

If you're using the wireframe converter from here:
http://moi3d.com/wiki/Resources#Obj23dmWireframe_converter - what that actually does is take the polygon mesh object and turn it into a .3dm file that has only line objects in it, the same kind of objects as if they had been drawn using the Draw curve / Line command.

So there is actually nothing to shade with that method - the result in MoI through those steps is a set of line curves and not polygons. But it does allow for a way to get some basic reference data into MoI if that is helpful.

Right now MoI is focused on modeling using NURBS data, which is a much different type of data than polygon objects. Although MoI has a function to convert a NURBS object into polygons at export time, it is not set up to work with polygon objects for modeling operations.

This is not planned to change for v2 - for v2 the focus for MoI will still be just on NURBS modeling.

I think it will be possible to expand this at some point in the future to also have MoI work on polygon type data in addition to its current NURBS data, but it is a pretty big area of work since polygon modeling typically needs a very different toolset. So it may be a while before that happens.

For now if you want to work on imported polygon data, you will probably be better off using a tool that is focused on polygon modeling instead of MoI, for example something like Silo, Modo, etc.... Those programs are focused on working on that particular type of 3D data.

- Michael