Fillet mechanism

 From:  Michael Gibson
2259.7 In reply to 2259.6 
Hi Burr - the geometry library that I'm using has built-in methods for fillets using a blend curve cross-section, a circular arc cross-section, or a line cross-section like a chamfer.

There is nothing currently in the library for doing an ellipse cross-section.

There is a framework in place for plugging together different fillet generators, so theoretically it is possible to write a custom cross-section generator and then add it in to the mix, but it is probably not going to be feasible for me to try that anytime very soon though.

It would also probably be fairly difficult to control it in the UI.

If you can show the link for it, that would probably help to clarify how it is working, but it is probably pretty unlikely to be coming to MoI anytime soon though.

- Michael