Fillet mechanism

 From:  Michael Gibson
2259.15 In reply to 2259.14 
Hi Burr, - yeah those are some really cool results!

I wish it would be easy to add that into MoI as well.

Unfortunately it is a very difficult area to work on. SolidWorks for example uses a geometry library that is expensive and has a whole team of people that have focused many years or even decades worth of work in making that filleting engine.

I guess it would be possible for me to license that same engine and incorporate it into MoI, but it would require raising the price of MoI probably by several thousand dollars to fit within that library's expensive licensing system. So that would be a pretty big leap!

Basically, I am pretty dependent on the filleting code that is provided by the geometry library that I use - currently I'm not really planning much on doing a bunch of custom fillet engine work myself, it is just too time consuming unfortunately. However, there are still some areas in this current library that I have not made full use of yet such as variable radius fillets.

So there will be at least some more fillet-related stuff coming in the future, but it is unlikely that MoI will suddenly become on a par with SolidWorks for filleting anytime in the foreseeable future.

- Michael