Fillet mechanism

 From:  Michael Gibson
2259.12 In reply to 2259.11 
Hi Burr, it would still be interesting to see the video if you can find it...

Maybe what you are talking about there would be done better by a kind of blend curve with different bulging amounts on each side of the blend... MoI does not have a control for doing different bulges on each side, but I think that Rhino's Blend command does.

I'm not really sure that an actual Ellipse fillet is very feasible.

If you have 2 surfaces that are planes that meet each other at a 90 degree angle, then there is a pretty straightforward solution, like this:

However, it is not guaranteed that all surfaces in a model will meet at 90 degrees to one another! :) (if it was then it would be a lot easier to do these calculations though!)

With a different angle than 90 degrees, I guess it would have to do something like this:

But that is not really a symmetrical result - the minor axis of the ellipse has been nailed down to just one side and the other side is getting a point somewhere interior to the ellipse but not on the other ellipse axis. So I guess it would have to kind of "favor" one side of the blend as the one to stick the ellipse axis onto... Kind of an awkward situation to try and control or specify with UI it seems.

- Michael