Layers/Locking objects/object colouring/Hierarchies

 From:  Jay (BINARYX)
Hi All,

just bought a copy of Moi3D and I'm very happy with it. I have a few questions/suggestions:

Are there any plans to add the following in V2.0:
1) A layering system
2) The ability to lock/hide an object from within a "scene editor" to prevent accidental changes
3) A rib file output - just to kick of a render using some of the many free renderman renderers out there
4) A basic colouring option to distinguish between objects in a large scene

Options 1,2 and 4 could all be controlled from with the "scene editor". The software is very impressive and easy to use and as projects get more complicated you'll need a way to manage scene elements (as an example look at the guy who created an entire sci-fi hanger on this forum - that must've been a challenge to manage :-) ).

Other than that... great work Michael! I look forward to using this with Silo3D and lightwave.