Off-topic CUDA

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Paolo - actually CUDA though is not generally intended specifically for real-time rendering.

For standard real-time rendering the normal Direct3D programming interface that MoI already uses will handle that.

CUDA is for using the processing units on the video card for other kinds of computation tasks than standard rendering. Sort of like treating the video card as a special multi-core CPU that is good at handling a large number of simple parallel tasks.

> Normally i use a mesh angle of 5 degrees,showing a smooth surface
> For the Drive chain i had to set it to 15 because i think the videocard
> (Nvidia 7600gt) was suffering

Actually I would not normally recommend setting that below the default 10 degrees, as the default already generates a very dense mesh.

At 5 degrees it is going to create an extremely dense and high polygon display mesh.

I do plan on improving the display meshing for higher density scenes, I think I will probably try to manage the density more automatically and make the meshes become coarser more automatically as scene density increases. I may also be able to experiment with something like producing a coarse and light mesh initially and then produce some higher density ones in the background up to a certain allowance in density.

But generally CUDA is not going to solve the problem that you are talking about here, it is for something different. It is meant as a sort of alternative way to do general calculations rather than doing them on the CPU.

- Michael