Rotate+copy (V2 b)

 From:  Michael Gibson
2243.17 In reply to 2243.15 
Hi Steve,

> When as example I have a rect, I enable "Wheel mode" and
> rotate the rectangle, if I then want to change the cplane I
> am unable to snap to the object selected (I have to leave
> "wheel mode")

That will also work now with these new changes. The changes to enable snapping on to an object's points during wheel mode also enable the object to be snapped on to in the cplane placer if you call that up while still within wheel mode.

I think it solves the issue that you're talking about here, please let me know if it doesn't when you get a chance to try it.

Another thing that is slightly different than before is that when you rotate an object with wheel mode, the original object position will be visible with the dashed wireframe type display same as the Rotate command, so that you can target snap points on the original object for the final rotation point. If you do the cplane edit, the cplane points can be snapped on to either object - the original wireframe one or the one in the new position.

- Michael