3dm file optimization

 From:  Michael Gibson
2239.2 In reply to 2239.1 
Hi Nick,

There aren't any kind of unused "purgable" entities in the 3DM files that MoI writes.

In Rhino it is possible to have a few things like unused block definitions and unused layers which can be purged from the current model by using the Purge command in Rhino. But MoI does not currently write those kinds of things to a 3DM file.

Also by default Rhino will save display meshes inside the file, which usually ends up taking up a majority of the file size. But MoI does not write those out to a 3DM file either.

When you delete objects, they will go on the undo stack in memory but will not be saved to the 3DM file when you write the file. So it isn't like some kinds of database files where there can be deleted slots in the file that can be "compacted".

- Michael