Object Count

 From:  Michael Gibson
2238.2 In reply to 2238.1 
Hi Danny - no I think that is a bug. Generally I try to make it so that hidden things can't be selected and they normally can't by clicking with the mouse, but that script method is not handling the hidden state properly.

It prevents selection from going on to the edge if the edge itself is hidden but not if the parent brep is hidden. I've tuned this up for the next beta.

Also I've tuned up the properties panel to skip over hidden objects so in the future if something does get marked as selected when it is hidden, it shouldn't show up in that panel like it does now.

I think there may be a kind of exception with hidden selected objects when there is the tree browser thing, I think you'll be able to select an object in the browser list and I'm thinking that will be a kind of special case where it will behave as selected even if it is hidden from view... Maybe... But yeah in general it is not good to make it so that hidden things can get selected.

Thanks for reporting the bug!

- Michael