Black Lines

 From:  Michael Gibson
223.2 In reply to 223.1 
Hi Wibble - the black lines are actually a feature! Those black lines are the boundary trimming edges of the surfaces. There are several operations that can work on edges, such as fillet for example. The edges are shown so you can select them to use in those operations.

It is possible to hide them right now - select them and then do Edit/Hide. I guess that probably won't stick if you continue to work and make changes on the object though. But that should work if you just want them out of your way for a while to look at things.

Eventually I do want to have an option somewhere to make it easier to turn them all on or off in one spot.

> Or is their purpose to degrade the beta version slighty and therefore give us
> all an incentive to buy 1.0 when it's released?

There aren't any kind of purposely degraded features like that in the beta, but the beta will stop working after a certain date, currently Feb 11th as mentioned in the first screen of the installer...

- Michael