How to draw diamond shape?

 From:  Michael Gibson
2227.17 In reply to 2227.16 
Hi Brian,

> Those 3DM Rhino files (3dlapidary) do not open in MoI?

That usually means that the objects inside of the 3DM file were polygon mesh objects and not NURBS objects.

There are various different kinds of things that can be stored in a 3DM file such as NURBS objects, polygon meshes, spotlights, dimensions, etc....

MoI only deals with NURBS and single point objects, it will skip any polygon mesh objects that are in the file and I think those particular files only have those kinds of objects in them.

Those polygon mesh objects can be converted in Rhino into NURBS objects by using the meshtonurb command on them. That conversion will allow MoI to read in those objects.

- Michael