properties workflow

 From:  Michael Gibson
2216.4 In reply to 2216.3 
Hi Burr,

> The Radius value disappears when the object is no longer
> a sphere(It does this now). I dont know this part of the UI so
> I aquiesse to what you say.

The current one will disappear when it is opened the next time. But if you could "unsphere-ify" a sphere while that menu remained open the whole time, that is a sort of different problem. I guess it would need to dynamically disappear or appear rather than only needing to do it when the menu is opened, which is kind of a problem right now.

re: Keyboard only - actually I've tried to keep things pretty keyboard-only friendly in many places!

Like for instance if you want to draw a line 10 units long, type in 10 [enter] while drawing it, you don't need to click on any controls.

If you want to draw a rectangle of width 10 and height 20, start the rectangle command, pick the start corner, and then type in: 10 [tab] 20 [enter] - no clicks on any controls for width/height are actually needed.

That's due to the auto-focus mechanism that automatically places your keystrokes into a numeric edit field when it sees that there is one available and you typed in a numeric value.

That whole mechanism is there just to make things easier for keyboard-only folks! :)

But launching commands by typing in a command name is a kind of different deal. I've thought a bit before about using the xyz input as a possible way to do that... But it is not quite a great fit, maybe some kind of optional plugin for v3 that makes a "command line entry" panel for the side pane...

- Michael