properties workflow

 From:  BurrMan
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The default files import will do what I need. Thanks

>>The other problem is what if you do a non-uniform edit of the xyz dims so that the object is no longer a sphere? What would I do with the Radius: value in that case?

The Radius value disappears when the object is no longer a sphere(It does this now). I dont know this part of the UI so I aquiesse to what you say.

It did feel redundent when I suggested it but it just goes along with the working from the properties pane that I mentioned. I guess this would take the UI in 2 different directions. Kindof like saying "whynot just make a "Commands Entry" field for the "Keyboard Folks". Just not part of the picture.

Still trying to peg your "Minds Eye" on MoI so I'm not wanting/expecting things that just dont fit!

Hmmm, A hidden Keyboard only box for the old school. (Its all there, Just need the docs for the command names!) :) Just Joshing! Maybe after your old and rich!