Gridon top of objects?...

 From:  Michael Gibson
2212.9 In reply to 2212.8 
Hi Pilou, it's a cool idea!

> and seems to me that is not a big deal?

No, unfortunately quite a big deal once you add together all the user interface work that would be required to set all the parameters for all these various kinds of grids...

It also could be problematic for the time involved in drawing all the very many curves that would be needed to display such grids. For example when you viewed it at a pretty slanted angle in the 3D view the display would have to draw quite a lot of curves just for the grid.

> How works the snaping in general? does calculates are remade
> each time for a point of a grid screen or there some points in memory?

For rectangular grid snap it is calculated each time but that is a very simple calculation, basically a rounding to the nearest grid value.

Hyperbolic/logarithmic would probably be a lot more difficult to calculate I suppose.

So quite a lot of difficulties actually!

- Michael