Gridon top of objects?...

 From:  Michael Gibson
2212.7 In reply to 2212.4 
> If there was a way to simply adjust the object opacity -
> even an INI file option, that would be helpful.

No, there's not currently anything for that. Transparency is not actually a completely easy thing to add, video hardware does not actually handle it automatically you have to render things in a particular way (ordered by depth always) to make it work.

> BTW, is there a post that explains the use of the
> construction plane a bit further?

No, not really. I was meaning to do it but it hasn't happened yet.

There's sort of 2 ways that you can do it - there is an automatic alignment that happens when you place the origin point on an object.

If that did not produce what you want, you an manually align it by grabbing and dragging axis lines individually. You can normally get an alignment by placing 2 axis lines. After you place the first axis line, when you pick the next line it will be constrained to rotate around the first axis line that you picked.

If you've got an example where it did not automatically get placed how you wanted, can you please post it? Maybe I can fix the automatic alignment to work better, or also it would be a good test case to show how to do the manual placement.

- Michael