Gridon top of objects?...

 From:  Michael Gibson
2212.12 In reply to 2212.11 
Hi Burr, yeah that's kind of interesting when you can see the radius visualized like that.

There is actually a separate radius for those markers in the moi.ini:

[Drawing Aids]

In the options dialog when you set Options / Snap / Snap radius - that controls the screen distance that your mouse needs to be within for a snap point to actually activate.

Those "markers" are set to display at a larger radius than that to help you kind of see what snaps are available in that general area, to help you move closer to them to target them if you want.

The reason for this kind of 2-pronged system is that it tends to cause problems setting the actual "activate snap" radius to a larger value because you end up snapping to everything and can't place a point more freely in space very easily anymore.

- Michael