Producing working drawings from MoI projects

 From:  Michael Gibson
2210.2 In reply to 2210.1 
Hi Steve, re: make 2D drawings

I know that some people use Rhino for that, there is a command in Rhino called "Make2D" that produces 2D curves from a model.

But it is not a particularly small or simple application though...

However data transfer between MoI and Rhino works really well since they use the same file format and you can even Copy/Paste objects back and forth.

I'm not really sure that there is a small simple app for doing that, it tends to be a function that is part of a larger CAD system and not really something that is handled by a stand-alone program.

I do expect to add functions for that directly into MoI in the future, but I'm not quite sure when I don't think it will happen in v2.

- Michael