Skp & decimal number

 From:  Michael Gibson
2207.14 In reply to 2207.13 
Hi Pilou,

> If the future is like this you will be obliged! :)
> And that will be that!

No, not necessarily.... A device like that will also need a kind of on-screen "virtual keyboard" for general purpose typing tasks.

For example I don't expect for MoI to try and pop up a complete alphabet keyboard of its own to enable typing in a file name, that is something better suited to the OS supplied virtual keyboard.

Similarly, in certain areas where I'm kind of expecting that a larger number of digits may be typed in, it may possibly be better overall to rely on the OS virtual keyboard for those particular areas.

It is bad to need to pop it up for very frequently used things, but for things that are less frequently used and at the same time more typing intensive, then that is a good fit probably.

- Michael