3dsmax import help

 From:  Michael Gibson
2202.3 In reply to 2202.1 
Hi yannada,

> 1. .igs or .sat ?

Actually instead of .igs and .sat you'll probably want to choose between .igs and .stp (STEP).

Unfortunately one of these is not quite automatically better than the others - the STEP format transmits full solids with the information about surface-to-surface joins which is good, but some of the trimming information tends to be a bit complex in STEP.

IGES transfers only individual surfaces with no information on how the surfaces are joined to one another, so MoI needs to do some extra work when it imports these to connect the surfaces into a solid. But on the other hand, the trim curve information in IGES tends to be more simplified and there are less potential problems with getting bad trims.

I'd recommend getting both STEP and IGES files. Try .stp first, if you see any problems (like if some pieces are not trimmed properly) then switch to .igs for that model instead.

> 2 .obj or .fbx ?

For 3DS Max in particular, I would recommend FBX.

But make sure you're using the newest MoI v2 beta (Nov-21 version), and also make sure you're using the latest FBX import plugin for Max, which you can download here:

> 3. N-gons or Quads ?

It seems like 3DS Max handles N-gons fine with FBX format, switch to Quads & Triangles if you see any problems.

- Michael