From:  Gavin (GAVINMC)
Well done Michael,

I really like Rhino as a CAD program, but have yet to decide to buy it.
As a beginner it has way more features that I can use, want or even understand.
Then I found MOI, just as easy to use as Rhino and Sketchup, very low learning curve and simple.

My application is to design model trains in CAD convert via CAM to G-code and mill on a converted X1 Micromill.
I don't need photorealist stuff and steep learning curves.
I recently got a tablet and this looks like the program that can finally use it well.
It took me a few secs to draw a box shape, do you know how many programs I have tested and had to read the manuals and still could not draw a simple 3D box? Life is too short to have to go on software training courses or buy tutorial DVD's just to do CAD.

Regards Gavin