Quick suggestion about the Grid Snap setting...

 From:  Michael Gibson
2195.9 In reply to 2195.8 
Hi Will,

Re: Snap angle - that is normally grouped with a different
set of stuff than the Grid options, so I don't think that it
would really go there by default.

But I've attached here a custom version that you can use which
has it added on that grid menu.

You can also set up some shortcut keys to switch the straight
snap angle to different values:

Set straight snap to 15 degrees:
script:moi.drawingAids.straightSnapAngle = 15;

Set straight snap to 45 degrees:
script:moi.drawingAids.straightSnapAngle = 45;

If you put those as the Command part on a keyboard shortcut, that
will let you switch to a specific angle with a keypress.

Also here is another variant that you can put on a single key which will
switch it back and forth between 15 or 45 every time you hit that same key:
script:if ( moi.drawingAids.straightSnapAngle == 15 ) moi.drawingAids.straightSnapAngle = 45; else moi.drawingAids.straightSnapAngle = 15;

If you want to switch it frequently probably those keyboard shortcuts
will be better than the menu anyway.

- Michael