Quick suggestion about the Grid Snap setting...

 From:  WillBellJr
2195.8 In reply to 2195.7 
Thank you so much, Michael - you're spoiling me with all of these quick fixes! :-D

I'll add in your changes pronto!

Just now I was redoing my model by resizing it a bit differently but I copied those docking cushions from my previous model to the new one since they are the same.

I was trying to drag them up against the side of the hull as they were in the previous model but I was having a problem constraining the movement strictly horizontal (X axis) - it kept moving up and down vertically.

I then realized that I like to set my straight snap angle to a low value (15). By upping that back to 30 or 45, It wasn't overly sensitive and I was able to drag the piece into position easily.

So also being a snap related value, if you can squeeze in the Snap Angle, that along with the grid and snap values should be all grid related nirvana that one would need in that menu while modeling...

Your call of course!