Quick suggestion about the Grid Snap setting...

 From:  Michael Gibson
2195.7 In reply to 2195.1 
Hi Will, also I just made another tweak on that menu, I put Snap size above Grid size and enabled auto focus, so if you want to change the snap size you can click on the arrow to open the menu, then after that you can type in a number and push enter, you don't need to do any other clicks after you launch the menu because any numeric keystrokes that you type in will go automatically into that snap size control.

So for example to change the snap size to 0.1, click that arrow above Grid Snap, type 0.1 [enter] and you're done.

If you want to set both snap size and grid size, do the same but instead of hitting after entering the snap size, type Tab instead, which will apply your value and take you to the grid size control, then type your value there and push Enter.

- Michael