Quick suggestion about the Grid Snap setting...

 From:  Michael Gibson
2195.2 In reply to 2195.1 
Hi Will,

> I just noticed that at the >top< of the Grid Snap button> at the bottom of the window there is nothing but a "Big X"
> - it would be nice if there was a numeric field there where
> I could also type in my desired snap size and continue
> with my modeling!

Do you really have only a big X on that menu and nothing else? It is supposed to have a menu item there for "Show grid" as a shortcut way to turn the grid display on or off.

I could certainly put in an entry for grid size / snap size there as well.

One question though - it is possible to set the visual grid size and the snap size to different values, so you can do something like have a visual grid line at every 1 units but snap at 0.5 .

Should I put 2 entries on that menu, one for visual grid size and one for snap size like on the Options/Grid settings, or should I do something like a special combination setting where there will be one entry field on this menu and it will change both values when you set it?

- Michael