Moi and TopMod Import OBJ

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pilou!

> But maybe TopMod is not tailor-made for import Obj in Ngones! :D

It looks like it does work with some N-gons, but all the example ones it has seem to be all more simple convex n-gons (where any two points inside the polygon do not make a line that goes outside of the polygon). So maybe it is limited to only more regular shapes for each polygon.

Those are some really cool sculptures in their gallery!

> Ps Why Pan and Rotation Icones Arrow in MoI seems to
> produce the Inverse movement ???
> (like if you are in a plane :)

By default they function as if you are manipulating the view point - Moving to the left moves the eye point to the left for example. If this seems reversed to you, you can change it by going to Options, then Rotate/Pan/Zoom options, then check "Reverse rotate button" and "Reverse pan button".

> Is there a way to reset 3D wiew and grid to the start status position?
> (useful when you have made some rotations :)

You can do this if you hide all objects, then push the "Reset" button. If nothing is visible when you do a reset, it will reset to the initial start position.

- Michael