fbx export hang

 From:  Michael Gibson
2188.4 In reply to 2188.3 
Hi lwan, thanks, I got the file.

However, over here it seems to work fine, I sent back an exported FBX file to you.

Are you using the new Nov-21 beta release from here: http://moi3d.com/beta.htm , or are you still using the old Sep-21 beta version?

The old Sep-21 version had some bugs when saving to a filename that had non-ascii characters in the folder or file name.

That may be possibly what you are running into, but I thought I had got that fixed up for the new Nov-21 beta.

If you can verify which beta you are running, and also possibly see if saving to a very short and plain folder and filename like c:\test.fbx works, that would help me narrow down the problem, thanks!

- Michael