Point Data

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, I think Petr made a custom command for copying a particular object to an existing set of points. It sounds like that should do the job that you want there, check it out: http://kyticka.webzdarma.cz/3d/moi/#CopyToPoints

A point is kind of an infinitely small location in space with no width or length, so you can't scale it. If you want something that you can scale to be bigger, you should use a circle or a disc type surface instead of a point.

For rendering programs, it is not very normal to send single points (rather than polygon vertices) in to those, some programs do have a special method for rendering particle systems though, you might do a search on "particle system" to see if you can get any more information on that.

Petr also has some commands on that page for importing or exporting points to a point list file, those may help with the kind of stuff that you're talking about:

Hope this helps!

- Michael