Skp export setting request

 From:  Michael Gibson
2180.2 In reply to 2180.1 
Hi Sheik, thanks for testing the SKP export!

Can you please post the .3dm model file for that object, or e-mail it to me at ?

That would help me to test and see what I might be able to do.

I don't think that it will actually be possible for me to avoid small triangles in every single possible situation - like for example what if you draw a small rectangle surface that is of that size just all on its own?

It seems like it is a limitation of SketchUp that it is not set up to handle smaller sized details I guess.

But yes I may be able to set a default "avoid smaller than" size for SKP export that could help when exporting curved surfaces like you show there.

If I can get the .3dm file that you show that will give me a reliable test case that I can work with.

- Michael