Feature Request: Multiple Inset Tool

 From:  Michael Gibson
2178.3 In reply to 2178.1 
Hi LOTRJ, it's a good idea!

The only problem is that Offset is pretty full of a lot of options already, I'm kind of hesitant to more to the heap right now.

Actually when you mentioned making it work like directional array, that got me thinking me thinking that it should actually be possible to use the current directional array tool to solve the problem.

The way you can do it is to create a "Point" object which is available under Draw curve / More / Point.

That lets you create a single point which can be used for snapping on to.

So if you create a starting point object on the inner circle like this:

Then you can use Array Dir to create the spacing that you want, like so:

Then all the spacing is set up, you can use each of those points as a snap target for Offset (with Through point mode) or for drawing a circle with the Circle command.

- Michael