Feature Request: Multiple Inset Tool

 From:  LOTRJ
I'm currently making a model where I had to lay out several concentric circle curves like so:

My problem was that I knew where the outermost circle and innermost circle had to be, but I had to scale all of the circles in-between by hand until they looked fairly evenly distributed. I realize now that I could have measured the distance between the inner and outer circle, divided that by the number of circles I needed, then repeatedly used inset curve, but it occurred to me that repeated insets might be a very good thing to have a tool for in MOI.

It would have several modes just like a directional array:

1. Define distance between each offset and number needed.

2. Define extent of outermost offset and number of offsets needed.

3. Define distance between each offset and extent to outermost offset.

In my case I would have used mode 2 to define the offset distance of the outermost circle and told it that there should be 6 circles all together.

Let me know what you think of this proposal.

BTW, I love working with MOI! :D

EDITED: 24 Nov 2008 by LOTRJ