Bended plate how would you do this?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Wagurto, your suggestion is a good one, but unfortunately there are technical difficulties that make it difficult to create the computer code for a bend-type modification tool on the kinds of objects that MoI works on.

So that's why you have to construct the bent object out of individual pieces similar along the lines of what is shown above.

Do any of the above techniques give you a way to build your object? Or are you still stuck?

You basically need to build it piece by piece, using one of these techniques. I mean build a straight part, build a bent connector part, boolean or join pieces together, and it looks like you want to then put fillets on it at the end to round the corners.

You can probably build one segment and duplicate it.

There just isn't any method available in MoI to start with one long strip and bend it around to get that result, sorry! It has to be built in pieces.

- Michael