Bended plate how would you do this?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Wagurto,

> Maybe I am just being dumb here but is there anyway
> to just draw a extruded rectangle cut it in the middle and
> bend it some degrees?

Nope - there is no function like that in MoI. In MoI if you want to make a bent shape you usually draw it with the bend built into your drawing. There are a variety of different approaches that will work, you can see a lot of different ideas covered in the thread here.

That recording that I put up earlier was a real-time recording, so that takes about 1 minute of time to draw something like that.

You do have to use a combination of tools to do that, but you should generally expect that when you want to make a shape that has elements of it that bend around in 3D, that it will take some combination of tools to make that happen.

If there was a different special tool for each kind of possible custom shape that you wanted to make, the UI would be completely overflowing with special tools...

I do actually want to add a Bend tool in the future, but there are some technical difficulties with having that kind of tool work on the kind of geometry that MoI uses. So it will probably take a while before that happens.

Maybe I'm not understanding what you are trying to do - is there a particular reason why you need a tool to do this faster than 1 minute of drawing time? Are you making a whole bunch of these or something like that?

> Like we will doing with a actual metal strap?

You may want to check out a sheet metal focused application rather than MoI, it would possibly be set up for doing those kinds of specialized things more easily.

- Michael