French Beta version of MoI

 From:  Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
Here the quasi perfect french version of Moi (Ui & Commands) of the 2 november's Beta MoI :)
Just replace the all "folders" commands and ui

Here is the beta "french5" of Moi (Ui & Commands) of the 1 december's Beta MoI :)
Just copy / past (replace) files of ui5 in ui, commands5 in commands
(put in a save file your original html files in case of secure...:)

Tell me if some words are inanities or forgotten ;D
Have fun!

Ps For Michael
I don't find yet where are the file for the abbreviations' warm points ?
(when you move something a little text appears over a warm point)

Pss In the english version of MoI is that the normal word "cline" (?) for the "helpers lines"? ("relocate cline""reorient cline"... )

french version upgraded :) (19 11 2006)

Last french version upgraded :) (3 12 2006)

The Last french version upgraded :) (27 01 2007)

EDITED: 26 Jan 2007 by PILOU