Unable to export mesh

 From:  David (BLEND3D)
2158.13 In reply to 2158.12 
Hi Michael,

Thanks for taking a look at the file and providing the explanation. I'm glad it was a bug you could isolate and exterminate, this was the first mesh that would not export for me...my assumption was that I had made a mistake since I had booleaned that part more times than I could put a number on.

Thanks for your offer to get it exported but I'm fine now; Coi's advice did the trick for me on this project. This piece had been revised about 6 more times so this was actually the first iteration or version that had the bug. I followed Coi's workaround on the final design and it worked fine.

I'm looking forward to the new beta, the program is a dream to use...as you add features it just gets better & better.

Thanks again,