Unable to export mesh

 From:  Michael Gibson
2158.12 In reply to 2158.11 
Hi David - yeah, the bug involved one of the little slivery surfaces.

One mechanism was getting confused and was trying to subdivide an already tiny bit into 16 million even smaller pieces which is why there was a delay there. Then eventually there isn't enough memory to hold all the pieces and that would cause it to bail.

I've fixed this bug up for the next v2 beta, so that this model will now export fine.

Do you still need this part exported right now? If so, let me know what meshing parameters you would like and I can post a mesh for you. But it sounds like you have an alternate construction that works already? Also it should only be a couple more days here before the next v2 beta is out which has the fix.

The model itself is fine actually, those control points sticking a ways out are just a normal thing from having booleaned those out from a larger original piece. If you want to shrink those in, you can do that by setting up a keyboard shortcut for the "ShrinkTrimmedSrf" command which does not have a button set up for it. If you run that on your model it will shrink the surfaces down so that they hug the current cut out portion more directly.

Thanks for posting the example file, that really helps a lot for tracking the problem down!

- Michael