Thread Screw Problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
2133.8 In reply to 2133.7 
Hi Brian, no I only tested making the sweep part that you posted. I didn't notice that you had the other piece hidden in the same file.

To do the boolean I would recommend moving the sweep profile to the inside a little bit so that your thread is not skimming so barely along the inner surface of the nut.

It tends to be difficult for the boolean to calculate an intersection when a swept surface is just barely skimming along another part. The surfaces will not have a very well defined intersection there, there will be some portions that are barely sunk inside of the surface and some portions that are just barely barely protruding above the other surface, that causes problems.

So in this case that means moving the triangle slightly to the inside, like this:

I've attached a version created in this way and it is all set up to be booleaned.

- Michael