Display units like m,cm and mm

 From:  Michael Gibson
2131.2 In reply to 2131.1 
Hi J.O. -

I think that you've got a couple of different requests in here.

One part is about the grid changing dynamically and having its size show in the viewport corner, is that correct?

Usually I find that the grid dynamically changing size at different zoom level tends to really impair my own ability to judge the size of things, because normally I do that by looking at the object in relation to the grid.

I suppose that is why they added that readout in the corner in Modo, to try and counteract some of that disorientation.

But when the grid stays fixed at a known size, then there is no disorientation to have to try and counteract...

I can see adding this in as an optional thing that could be enabled, but that will probably be a while before I can get to that one.

But then I think you've got another thing requested there which is some labels for the current unit system, like cm, mm, m after a numeric input field.

That part I think should be feasible to add in much sooner, I will take a look at doing that one soon.

Additionally you may be interested in the recent discussion about possibly having a readout that displays the selected object's size here:

- Michael