error message "Unable to create Direct3D9 device"

 From:  Michael Gibson
2124.4 In reply to 2124.3 
Hi Jotell, is your problem solved then?

Since it is not the same machine like I had thought, it is also possible that your XP machine just does not have a recent enough 3D graphics card in it to run MoI.

MoI does not need a very fancy video card to run, but if you have one that is more than about 5 or 6 years old it may not have enough functionality to do the 3D graphics work that MoI relies on.

Some of the machines that are set up as controllers for specialized hardware can often be very minimally equipped and may need to be upgraded to have a somewhat newer 3D capable video card in them in order to run MoI. There are several video cards even down around the $20-$30 dollar range that will actually do the job...

- Michael