obj output

 From:  Michael Gibson
2123.6 In reply to 2123.5 
Hi Steve, I gave that one a try over here with the current v2 beta (Sep-21) and it seems to be working for me...

What are your shortcut key assignments?

They should look like this:

LeftArrowNudge Left
RightArrow   Nudge Right
UpArrowNudge Up
DownArrowNudge Down
PageUpNudge ZUp
PageDownNudge ZDown

Is it possible that you've got some different spacing in there? There should be no space on the Key part, like no space in "LeftArrow", but on the command part there should be a space after Nudge and the parameter, like a space in "Nudge Left".

Or is there some possibility that you are working at a large scale and the nudge amount is not enough distance to see it?

- Michael