obj output

 From:  Michael Gibson
2123.10 In reply to 2123.9 
Hi Steve, over here using the numpad for v2 works fine as long as you have NumLock turned off.

I can only repeat what you are showing with numbers being entered if I have NumLock turned on. This particular part is different between v1 and v2 - v1 did not put the numeric characters into the coordinate entry box in that case.

But v1 also does not nudge anything unless NumLock is turned off either.

Over here at least I have to turn off NumLock in order to nudge with either v1 or v2.

I think what may be happening to you is once you have put in one character with numlock on, your focus moves into that xyz coordinate box and if you then turn numlock off with the focus still in there, the arrow keys will be used for moving the text insertion point around inside of that box, so you won't be able to use arrow keys for nudging until you hit escape or click outside that box to remove focus from it.

- Michael