no news about a OSX version

 From:  Michael Gibson
2121.3 In reply to 2121.1 
Hi rickky, I really wish I could do it.... But unfortunately it is not easy to do - on the contrary, it would take quite a large amount of work to make it happen.

I would have to probably do something like put all new features on hold for a year and focus only on that one thing. Right now that isn't really feasible for me to do.

There are other solutions for you to be able to run MoI on your Mac currently though, like you can use Apple's Boot Camp system to boot your machine to Windows to run it, and also the newest versions of Parallels and VMWare I think have added enough support for Direct3D that they can run MoI directly on your Mac desktop.

I understand that Mac users would rather have a native Mac version, but it is just not something that will be possible for me to produce anytime soon, sorry.

- Michael