Bug - Snapping lost

 From:  Michael Gibson
2120.3 In reply to 2120.1 
Hi PaQ - that's actually normal behavior, it is part of the new "direct drawing on surface" functionality for v2.

When you snap the center point of the circle on to a surface, it will take on the orientation of that surface and snaps off of that plane will be suppressed. If they were not suppressed you would not have a very natural circle drawing method because of all the snaps getting projected down to the plane cause the circle to jump wildly in size instead of moving smoothly in size when you move the mouse.

This suppression only happens in the 3D view, you could probably get what you want by setting up a CPlane and then using the Top plan view which will not have snaps suppressed.

It could help me understand the problem some more if you could show the desired result that you are looking for.

- Michael