USB version?

 From:  Michael Gibson
212.4 In reply to 212.3 
> Hey cool. I actually tried the copying but it didn't work, hence my request.
> I will try it again, maybe i did something wrong.

Hmmm, I just tried it over here on a USB stick, and it seemed to work fine for me. Make sure you copy everything including the subdirectories. And if you want to run it direct from the drive, don't zip it up or anything, just do a simple copy.

Also you can't actually run it on just any computer, the other computer has to be compatible with MoI, like it has to be Win2k or WinXP, DirectX9 on it, etc.. Like if you try to bring it to a Win98 machine that won't work.

Let me know if you still have problems after you try it again.

> Everything is run from the stick and it will leave no traces on the pc you are using.

MoI doesn't really automatically create a bunch of temp files like a browser does. The only file that I can think of that MoI will automatically write to is moi.ini . But if you have put a moi.ini file on the USB stick, then it should write to that one so even that shouldn't write to the hard drive.

It won't be guaranteed to leave absolutely zero traces on the computer, because Windows itself will store some junk in the registry when you run a program (like the last directory that the open file dialog was using, etc..). But this will be extremely minimal.

- Michael