Miscellaneous models

 From:  Michael Gibson
2113.22 In reply to 2113.20 
Hi J.O.,

> In the future I wil try to put up a download page of MoI videos, like I did for Modo
> http://homepage.mac.com/janoverust/FileSharing26.html

That certainly makes it more friendly for the viewers.

The way that Screencast.com by default happens to display .mov videos is just not too elegant where it uses this text for the main download link:

"Unable to embed this content type. Download this media."

It's just a bit hard to notice the download link there, since it almost appears to be an error message at first instead! It seems like they have more expected for Flash to be used so that they would show the player right there.

But having your own page with a better link that does not look like an error message solves that problem.

- Michael