Hypershot and MoI's 3dm format

 From:  Michael Gibson
2112.6 In reply to 2112.5 
Hi George, I see - when you do the rendering directly inside of Rhino it is using Rhino's mesher instead of HyperShot's mesher, so it avoids the problem which seems to be with HyperShot's meshing mechanism.

One other note - if you do export as .obj from MoI (which is probably the overall best way just make sure to use Output:Quads & Triangles to avoid n-gon processing problems), HyperShot will tend to only apply one material for a whole object and not allow you to apply different materials to different sub-parts of an object.

There is a utility you can get from here:

which you can run on an .obj file exported from MoI to add some material flags to the file which will then make it work better for assigning different materials to sub-object parts in HyperShot. At some point in v2 this will get added built in to MoI's regular .obj export.

- Michael