Hypershot and MoI's 3dm format

 From:  Michael Gibson
2112.3 In reply to 2112.1 
Hi George, I got the same problem when exporting a sphere .3dm from Rhino v3 or v4 as well - I've attached here a sphere .3dm saved from Rhino v4 for you to test with if you want to verify.

So that definitely looks like a bug in HyperShot, possibly some kind of under-tessellation when dealing with certain kinds of surfaces.

I don't know why re-saving an existing file from Rhino v4 solved the problem for you in that particular case, but when I created a sphere from scratch in Rhino v4 as attached I saw the same problem. Really there is not much difference between the general surface data between v3 and v4 .3dm files.

The best way currently to avoid this problem is to export from MoI as .obj format, instead of trying to import .3dm format directly into HyperShot.

And actually that is better to use as a general method anyway, because you have a lot more control over the meshing process that way, and MoI's mesher is actually more reliable. I'd recommend setting the Output: option when exporting from MoI as Output: Quads & Triangles as HyperShot has some problems dealing with more complex n-gons.

- Michael