buildings and structures

 From:  steve (STEEVE)
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Hi Michael,

I think we just posted at the same time!

Some of your questions are answered above.

I use Cycas, which is a little known, independent dedicated architectural package. Used largely within the linux community I think, but also has an excellent windows version.

It can import DXF 3ds and GTS (which I am not familiar with but triangulated meshes).

So I use 3ds or dxf to transfer from MoI to Cycas. The Cycas has an excellent "hidden line" renderer which produces a 2d projection of a chosen view. Then I tidy up that 2d drawing for use in the final drawings.

I think if Cycas could import obj, the problem of extraneous lines could be solved.

EDIT: I don't use dxf to export, just 3ds!